building a CPG brand
from concept to creation

In a market oversaturated with traditional yogurt drinks, we looked beyond our borders to help our client create a new product that filled a market gap and answered the demand for global flavors and functional nutrition.  The refreshing result: Khaaza Lassi: a cool, creamy, naturally probiotic yogurt-based smoothie drink popular in Indian cuisine.

Beginning with a white space analysis of the dairy market, we homed in on the lassi product, built demand through a content marketing strategy, and created a shelf-ready brand.

We developed the logo, look and feel, packaging, and voice for the Khaaza product.

The Cultured Cow blog was built to educate consumers about the health benefits of cultured dairy, driving demand through true content marketing.

An Instagram-first social media strategy in the humorous voice of the “cultured cow” drove interest to the blog and encouraged health-conscious users to #gutcultured.

We leaned into our trendspotting capabilities to identify the opportunity, and then executed end-to-end innovation—from ideation to inception through commercialization and launch.