Philadelphia Cream Cheese

creating buzz with the
reach of a rising star

To keep PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese top-of-mind in a landscape increasingly filled with private-label alternatives, we tapped celebrity chef and cream cheese fan Stephanie Izard—who was just starting to make her mark on the scene. As a Top Chef winner known for serving crowd-pleasing, farm-to-table cuisine, Chef Izard was the perfect spokesperson for PHILADELPHIA’s promise to bring their product from farm to fridge in just six days.

Not only did the “real ingredients” campaign significantly boost sales in foodservice, it ensured PHILADELPHIA retained its #1 spot as the preferred cream cheese for ingredient use.

Video content capturing Chef Izard’s trip to the farm and factory brought authenticity to PHILADELPHIA’S differentiating “farm-to-fridge” positioning.

Recipes captured the versatility of PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese, showing sweet and savory applications both traditional and innovative.

Leveraging Chef Izard’s reach, we brought our message to a whole new fan base.