creating connections
with unique experiences

Sunkist® wanted to share the rich, juicy flavor and culinary versatility of blood oranges with restaurant pros, from chefs to pastry masters to mixologists, in the height of the season. To reach the intended audience, we invited targeted distributors, influencers and industry media to an immersive citrus experience in Visalia, California.

Prominent Los Angeles chefs and industry influencers were invited for an exclusive weekend of on-site learning about the century-long history of Sunkist and the qualities that make blood oranges so special.

A citrus-inspired tasting menu, mixology demo and a brunch served in the middle of an orange grove created an unforgettable sensory experience as they learned about citrus production from seed to table.

Follow-up press highlighted the use of blood oranges on the menu, while chefs and lifestyle influencers like Sally Camacho and Brandi Milloy featured Sunkist and blood oranges on their channels.